WiFi Limiting Academic Success?

WiFi Limiting Academic Success?


It’s no secret that online school is a trouble for lots of students and teachers who are working at home. The workload is too much, it’s hard to get actual help, there is no social interaction and so much more. Another issue that no one was surprised about are computers and internet connection problems.  

From computers crashing to WiFi crashing, there is no way to win with technology. Every class at least one person is having technical difficulties, and despite it being a known thing, it can cause students to miss out on vital information. Senior Josh Facey is a prime example of why WiFi issues cause such a problem. 

“I remember I was in class once, and my WiFi just suddenly cut out,” Facey said. “It was horrible. I missed so much information and couldn’t go to anymore classes for the rest of the day because my router was out.”

Facey also explained how he had missed important information on a project he was supposed to complete, which without proper instruction was complicated and confusing. 

WiFi problems are common, but sometimes computer issues can be even more common. During classes, some students have to deal with their computer randomly crashing or shutting off, which once again leads to missing important instructions needed to complete assignments or tests. 

Junior Nate Land has constant computer issues, and even uses two screens to do his work sometimes. 

“I have a personal computer and then my school computer, and I am constantly having issues with my personal computer,” Land said. “Some mornings it just won’t turn on, and I have tons of issues with how slow it is and how it is always disconnecting and reconnecting to my WiFi .”

Land also stated that when his personal computer fails, he would have to switch to his school Chromebook to do work. 

“I don’t hate the school Chromebooks, but I just feel much more comfortable doing work on my personal computer, so when my personal computer isn’t working, I almost have more trouble concentrating on my work,” Land said. 

Even though lots of students typically have two computers, some rely on the Chromebook as their main way of completing schoolwork and joining Google meets. If their Chromebook ends up having issues, a new one cannot be given right away, and there is nowhere they to go to fix the Chromebook problems.

Even though online school is the best alternative to real school due to the major circumstances, based on student’s opinions, there is still much more to work on to make online learning a bit more educational. From computers crashing to WiFi going out, students and teachers learn new things every day to work their way around the annoyingly common issues of technology.