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Nanda Starts Business for Her Sweet Treats

Nanda has a Instagram page for her business. Screenshot taken by Pratha Ravani.

Ever since she was a kid, sophomore Anisha Nanda loved baking. During quarantine, she rediscovered her passion and decided to create a business for her baking. 

“I got the idea of starting my business in October 2019 and started working on it,” Nanda said. “However, when COVID-19 hit, I didn’t do much and it was kind of just sitting there. I didn’t really do much with my business until July, but that’s when I really started getting serious about it.”

Picture from layered.inc Instagram. For national day, Nanda baked dark chocolate fudge cakes.

Nanda’s business, Layered Inc., has both an Instagram page and a website. She regularly collaborates with other bakers and does custom orders and sells desserts for any occasions. Before COVID-19, she also had plans of doing pop-ups.

“Before COVID-19, I had plans of doing pop-ups at different locations throughout the year and hoping to open a  Kiosk in the mall at the end of the year,” Nanda said. “Due to the pandemic, I wasn’t able to do this so I started my Instagram page during quarantine and I hope I’m able to start doing pop-ups once it’s safe.” 

Her process for baking is simple. She first does her research, before baking the dessert and posting a picture.

“I just research ideas on what I want to make, how I want it to look, etc. I take into account the ingredients I have at home, whether or not I have time to go to the store if I’m on a time limit, and how complicated the recipe is,” Nanda said. “Once I decide what I’m making, I bake it! I love trying new things so it’s really exciting for me to bake something I’ve never done before or even if it’s just a classic!” 

For the future, Nanda is hoping to start doing pop-ups and open a kiosk at the mall. She also wants to own a dessert shop and possibly have a franchise in the future. 

“Until it’s safe, I want to grow a following, but my main goal is to always feed people unique desserts that they will remember forever!”

Visit Layered Inc’s instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/layered.inc/

Visit Layered Inc’s website: https://www.layeredinc.com/

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