What’s the Deal with Spring Break?


Photo by Lindsay Brisson


Two years ago, what people were doing for Spring Break 2019 was not even in question. Some decided to have a staycation, others went to tropical getaways, some went to famous landmarks in the U.S. and so much more. It was tradition, almost, to travel during Spring Break.

Then last year, when the pandemic hit, no one went anywhere. Lots of people opted for a much safer Spring Break, spending it with their immediate families and staying in quarantine. This year, now that restrictions have loosened and vaccinations have been coming out, is Spring Break going to be different?

After reaching out to some students about their Spring Break plans, it seems to be about half and half. Senior Josh Facey is one of those students who have decided to safely venture out this Spring Break.

“My family decided to go to Orlando, Florida this year,” Facey said. “We still are going to be super safe about it but my family just wanted to do something different this year, you know get out of the house.”

A lot of other students stated the same thing as Facey, saying their families were tired of being cooped up in their houses for a year, so going somewhere for Spring Break was a big deal for them.

Junior Keeleigh Devitt had something different to say.

“My family isn’t even going anywhere for Spring Break.” Devitt said. “It kind of sucks, but I hope that I can get out of the house sometime soon for a small vacation.”

Those who are not going anywhere for Spring Break have also said that they hope to get outside more since the weather should be nice, and spend their Spring Break doing physical activities and hopefully seeing some friends.

Overall, 2021 has been just as crazy as 2020. Spring break, for some, will be a small break from the craziness and a time to finally relax and forgot about the pandemic. For others, it may be a time to get out and enjoy the nice weather. However you choose to spend your spring break, everyone can agree that this could be another step into everything going back to normal.