SCA Hosts Elections


A photo of the 2021-2022 SCA Executive officers provided by the SCA Instagram.


The Student Council Association (SCA) just released the results of the 2021-2022 executive officers election with junior Aaron Weidner as president, junior Dori Bruno as vice president, sophomore Prisha Singh as secretary, sophomore Rashmi Admala as treasurer, and sophomore Carly Roberts as historian.

The online elections were held on March 17 – 18 and took place in advisory so students both hybrid and online could participate.

To run for the election, students had to write a petition to run which must include signed endorsements from two teachers and/or administrators as well as have a verification of good citizen ship from the administration, verification of academic eligibility and a signature of the aforementioned training rules.

Students running for positions such as SCA president must have completed one year as an SCA representative in order to run.

The candidates were given a couple days to campaign and with the pandemic many had to become creative. Now future secretary Prisha Singh for instance had created an Instagram account along with other candidates to reach students on a variety of platforms.

“Creating an Instagram helped me spread the word about my platform and what I stood for, ” Singh said.

Other candidates in past elections have created posters displayed in the school hallways which many were still able to with hybrid learning, but all candidates were given an opportunity to address the student body with campaign videos.

These videos were broadcasted in advisory and also posted on the SCA Instagram to give students an opportunity to get to know the candidates if they hadn’t already.

Though this year has been challenging, the transition between the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school year is off to a great start with the new executive officers.