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Freedom’s Capstone Program Will Continue, But With Changes This Year


The spring season has finally arrived and with it comes most senior’s favorite project: Capstone. How hard will it be exactly to complete a Capstone project this year?

Last year, Capstone was flat out cancelled. The impact of the COVID-19 virus was so devastating that it was way too risky to have students participate in a Capstone project. This year, things are a bit different. Even though the pandemic is still very much relevant, vaccines have been given out. So does this mean that Capstone projects will be normal, like they were two years ago? Not exactly…

This year, students are given the option to complete a Capstone project either virtually or in person. For some students, it is incredibly difficult to complete the project virtually with a mentor. A lot of mentors also do not offer the option to do in person internships, which makes it even more difficult. This lead to the question a lot of students recently began to ask themselves.. Is it really worth it?

Yes, Capstone is a chance to get out of school and work on something a little different. As a senior, senioritis tends to kick in fairly quick right after that first college acceptance letter, so Capstone offers the perfect opportunity for students to do something a little more unique and go out of their comfort zone. But, with the pandemic that is currently sweeping our nation, Capstone just seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Senior Sydney Lemmerman is one of the many students who debated participating in Capstone.

“I stared at the google form I needed to fill out for Capstone with absolutely no idea what I could even base my project on,” Lemmerman said, “Virtual is just too hard, and in person may not be very safe.”

So, as stated by Lemmerman, Capstone is gigantic debate. The deadline to submit your Capstone application has quickly passed, and most students had to come up with an alternative project than what they had originally planned in order to fill out an application.

Even though Capstone has come with a multitude of hardships this year, it is still very appreciative of the student body that there was even given a chance for it to happen. Last year’s seniors sadly did not get the opportunity to work on Capstone. So, even though it may not be exactly the same as previous years, this years project is just one more step further into the direction of normal.

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