Students Give Advice For Rising Sophomores and Freshmen

Students Give Advice For Rising Sophomores and Freshmen


This year, the students at Freedom High School had to get accustomed to a new way of learning, especially the current freshmen, who haven’t really had exposure to normal life as a high school student.

The next year might be similarly tumultuous, with all the changes being made to the COVID-19 guidelines. Therefore, the rising sophomores and freshmen might need a little extra help in (for some of them) their first year inside FHS in person. Thankfully, upperclassmen at Freedom are always there to help. Here is some advice from our current upperclassmen.

Briana Ausgotharp, 11: “Do not procrastinate.”

Jocelyn Jiang, 11: “Even if something starts out rough, it’s never too late. Don’t think something is a lost cause if it doesn’t begin well.”

Isha Gupta, 11: “Try and take some time to yourself, too. Don’t let school completely take over.”

Becky Greiner, 12: “Be nice to your teachers!!”

Morgan Maiden, 12: “High school goes by so much faster than you think, so savor all the moments with your best friend.”