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Rushing for a Roommate

As high school comes to an end, and college quickly approaching, seniors are on the lookout for roommates as they move on to the next chapter of life. PC: Bailey Elliott

After researching schools, sending applications, visiting colleges, and ultimately deciding on where to spend the next four years, it seems like all the tough portions of college decisions are over. Although one difficult task remains, finding a college roommate. 

The roommate selection process contains two options, being assigned a roommate by the college, or finding a roommate individually and pairing with each other during the housing & roommate process. Selecting someone to share a bedroom and bathroom space with can be a big commitment and seem daunting to incoming freshmen trying to figure out the next four years of life. 

Senior Alex McMillan talks about his preference on the search for a roommate.

“I definitely prefer having the option of picking a roommate because if it is random there is a good chance you might not get a log with them or have anything in common,” McMillan said.

When selecting a roommate, some key components to look out for include common interests, major, social life, main focuses and what their plans for the next four years. Another thing to know is whether or not rushing is of interest to either roommate. Rushing generally involves an organized, social and time consuming lifestyle that may not be of interest to a potential roommate, so it is important to know where either person stands on the idea of Greek life in college. 

Many colleges have Instagram accounts or Facebook groups for upcoming freshmen to post in and help with roommate selection. The page features a series of pictures followed by a short bio about one’s interests, allowing other upcoming freshmen to connect with similar peers. 

“Definitely use Facebook as a helpful tool and don’t be shy to just reach out and say hello to someone who you find interesting or that you may have a lot in common with,” McMillan said.

Selecting a living partner requires being open-minded and ready for new experiences to come. Whether it’s through random pairing or a roommate of choice, the process can come off as complex without guidance. Resources such as college webpages and admins are available for help with questions revolving around the next four years. 

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