Long Traffic Lines are a Issue at FHS

Senior early release may help the problem


Cars begin to build up in the traffic circle during the end of school. Photo by Tyler Byrd.

Tyler Byrd, Staff Writer

With the start of a new year, many students return to the grounds of Freedom High School excited to see their friends, and ready to learn; however, there is one thing that students seem to love more than coming into school, and that is getting to leave it.

With the new seniors and juniors now being able to drive themselves onto the schools parking lots, a new issue has been noted from everyone, traffic!

Traffic has always been an issue for FHS, with their famous drop off roundabout being a long standing source of overflow onto the main road, and the issue of traffic has grown worse and worse.

Some reports state that during the beginning of the school year, the traffic from the school was so bad that it spilled onto Braddock Road. Many say an influx of students is to blame, with the senior class of 2022 being one of the largest seen by the school, many have cited the influx of cars in the parking lot as a source of the traffic.

“Traffic can be very annoying and stressful currently,” said Noah Dixon, a senior at FHS.

With the newly implemented early release of seniors, the immense traffic build up is starting to clear up.

A lone car flees the parking lot before the traffic gives chase. Photo by Tyler Byrd.