Freedom’s Golf Team Heads to States

Golf is a Good Walk Spoiled… Or Not


The Freedom High School golf team at their districts on Tuesday, Sept. 28. Photo provided by Kaurvaki Bajpai.

Cecelia Harmon, Staff Writer

This year, Freedom High School’s golf team performance has been somewhat of a surprise to many. Golf is a very misunderstood sport, one that often doesn’t get enough credit. An interesting hobby and healthy pastime, golf stereotypes do not serve the sport justice.

Kaurvaki Bajpai, a junior at FHS and captain of the golf team, stated in golf there is a stereotype that the only players are old men, and women golfers do not get enough praise. Bajpai is the is the only girl on the team and has enjoyed golf since a young age.

“Funny story, I actually never knew about golf until my parents started playing, like for fun and taking classes, and I would just sit and watch and decided to try it out and really enjoyed it,” Bajpai said.

Andrew Kidder, a freshman at FHS, has also enjoyed golf since he was young and said that it’s very helpful to have more freshmen on the team, and that the entirety of the team gets along great with each other.

“I’d say I get along with my teammates really well because I have two friends that are also freshmen, and I’ve come to know a lot of their friends,” Kidder said.

Both players seemed very excited for this years season and hopeful for their victories. The team won their regionals on Monday, Oct. 4, and they are already training for states on Oct. 12.