Supporting Teams at Games


The FHS cross country team preparing for a meet. Photo by Anya Smith.

Anya Smith, Staff Writer

Pre-COVID-19 having people in the stands cheering players on was a big deal. Hyping up the players, cheering them on to victory after victory. Not having the crowd there to motivate the players could change the way players play. 

“Having crowds there and people to cheer you on, makes a big difference,” said Christopher Weeks, Freedom High School cross country coach. 

During the pandemic not having an audience there left a hole in the game, even at the professional level. Fans giving off energy and momentum keeps the players motivated and is a crucial part of the sport. 

For the first FHS football game the audience is what helped the players keep going. Fans stayed until the end, pushed the players, and kept the motivation and hype up even in the pouring rain.

And no matter how much COVID-19 has changed how schools do sports, the teams will still need the fans in the stands cheering on teams leading us to victory.