New Year, New Name: MILK Club Updates Name to True Colors Club


Photograph provided by True Colors club.

The True Colors club poster. Photo provided by the True Colors club.

Lyndsay Lemmerman, Staff Writer

The Freedom High School  MILK club has changed its name to the True Colors for the new school year. The club also has two new sponsors: Katelyn Neuser and Caitlin Sullivan

The True Colors club strives to create a safe space for FHS students in LGBTQ+ community. In the club, students who are apart of the community can come together to share their experiences in a safe and judgment free environment. The club also plans to try to start initiatives at FHS that will help students who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The True Colors club got its original name, MILK club, from a famous LGBTQ+ activist Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was an American politician who was the first openly gay person to become an elected official in the state of California.  

 “The problem with the MILK club was a lot of people were confused, they didn’t know who Harvey Milk was or they would just see the word milk,” Neuser said.

With many people confused by the name of the club and its origins, having the name be changed to True Colors allowed more people to understand what the club was about and be more inclined to join. 

The new name also relates to the pride flag which is a common symbol to represent the LGBTQ+ community.  By relating to the pride flag, a flag that has become more inclusive over time, students will have a clear understanding about what the True Colors club is about and how they are inclusive to all students. The club also hopes to have new members join and eventually be a mostly student lead club that supports LGBTQ+ students and helps to educate teachers, students and staff about issues that face people who are in the LGBTQ+ community. 

“I want the students to feel safe here, I want them to understand that we do support them and make it obvious that there is support in the school,” Neuser said.

The True Colors club is looking for club leaders and members now. To learn more information about the club, you can email Katelyn Neuser or Caitlin Sullivan