Homecoming Class Battle Heats Up


A section of the Juniors hallway. Photo by Michael Baker III

Tyler Byrd, Staff Writer

With Freedom High Schools homecoming finally passed, the students of Freedom got a glimpse at the first real pep rally and spirit week since roughly a year. With this an age old tradition revived once again at FHS, the class fights for who can get the most spirit points. This fight is a point of pride for all classes, with the winning class bringing home pride, glory and what some may consider most important. . . bragging rights.

With class honor on the line, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors attempt to show their school spirit in a heated school wide battle. Nowhere was this shown better than at the two biggest events of homecoming week. The hallway decoration contest, and the Pep Rally itself. It is with these two competitions that FHS saw a rivalry for the centuries appear once again, the junior class vs seniors.

“The freshmen and sophomores aren’t stepping up their game, it’s really just a skirmish between the juniors and seniors,” said junior Om Parbadia.

This sentiment was clearly seen when looking at both halls on the homecoming decoration contest, with both the juniors and seniors both having very strong class hallways. The seniors managed to etch out a win in the hallway decorating contest, and a win over all for the homecoming spirit week.