Sophomores Struggle With Spirit During Homecoming Week


Addy Welz

The number of spirit points each grade had on the fourth day of spirit week.

Addy Welz, Staff Writer

The Freedom High school sophomore class is lacking greatly with school spirit and participation in the school spirit days. 

With the week of homecoming and all the homecoming events coming to an end the sophomore class has now officially lost the spirit count. The tenth graders were in last all week and were never able to jump up above the freshmen. 

Many of the sophomores did not dress up for any of the spirit days, nor did they stand up during the homecoming pep rally. People repeatedly said to stand up during the pep rally, yet most of the class stayed sitting. 

With being online last year the sophomore class lost the experience of being freshmen. Without the excitement of it being everyone’s first year of high school much of the excitement is gone. Another issue that the sophomores have due to being online last year is, the last time they had school spirit days were in middle school.

In middle school most students do not participate with the school spirit days because they are awkward and do not lead up to anything. Comparing the middle school days to the spirit days in high school are completely different. Within the high school building it is now awkward to not participate and to be lacking with school spirit.

“It’s really disappointing to see how are class does not care to be a part of any of the school spirit days,” said an anonymous sophomore student.

Everlasting effects of the pandemic are showing on the school sophomore class.