Freedom Baseball Makes a Return for the Fall


FHS Fall Baseball team playing the field! Photo by Emily Marohn.

Emily Marohn, Staff Writer

At Freedom High School, baseball plays a huge role in the community for players and peers. Many people on the team were upset when they realized baseball was only a spring sport. Due to this reaction, a fall baseball team was formed in 2020 through the county and roughly with the same students. 

Forming human connections and gaining trust is essential to many aspects of life, especially while playing baseball. According to student athlete and FHS junior Drew Skinner, performing with the same players all throughout the year improves bonding between teammates.

“The fall team really helps with getting back together and helping the chemistry of the team,” Skinner said. “For me, as a catcher, getting to work with the pitchers as much as possible before the season starts is extremely important. We always need to be on the same page and understand each other’s tendencies.”

Recognizing that people want to play more and giving them the chance to do so can be beneficial to enhancing their skills. Loudoun County allowing students to continue to play with their friends has set a positive note towards the sports program.

 “I would definitely choose to play with the Freedom kids over anything else, most of them are brothers to me now so taking the field with them will always be better than other travel fall teams,” Skinner said.

This opportunity of a new baseball team and an extra season has helped many students feel confident when returning for the following spring season.