Developing Friendships in a Post COVID-19 World


Junior class at prep rally. Photo by Anya Smith.

Anya Smith, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 splitting up everyone across the country, communication became more difficult. This caused people to not be able to see anyone for long periods of time since they had to be inside all day. Plus, schools, work places, parks, and just about everything else shut down.

This left room for apps like Tiktok to blossom. Social media created bridges across the world. New ways to connect sprouted up out of what seemed like nowhere. But what happened in between, those few weeks of not knowing what was going to happen next? The pandemic changed how people talk to each other in one way or another. Being back and seeing other people for the first time, especially in a school setting, could be scary. 

“Last year caused a lot of anxiety,” said Alyvia Passey, a freshmen at Freedom High School.

Starting everything new, trying to figure out new programs, websites, being virtual. It was all a very stressful time. Connecting to people that way wasn’t the easiest. But thankfully, the ability to come back to a great social place, where students can build social connections, was given back. 

Building connections in person means a lot more now than it did a couple years ago. Getting involved in school activities are a great way to start getting involved. Lots of social events are happening. Homecoming, clubs opening back up, sports, and more up and coming events will be happening. Check the school’s calendar for more information and more ways to get involved.