Freedom Rolls out Red Carpet for Virginia’s First Lady


Rebecca Cherian

First Lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam, visits Freedom High School and admires mental health resources offered.

Rebecca Cherian, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Oct 6, The First Lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam, visited Freedom High School. With a background in pediatric occupational therapy and education, Northam came to learn more about leading mental health initiatives in Loudoun County. During her visit, she spent time with members of Freedom’s Unified Mental Team, who emphasized the importance of equality and inclusion in achieving their goals. 

“She was very impressed with all the activities, resources, and support that we have at our school. I think she left with a good feeling about Freedom High School and Loudoun County,” said Ken Christopher, FHS director of counseling. 

In addition to hearing from the staff, Northam got a chance to hear from students themselves, who spoke on mental health as a result of the pandemic and groups which they were a part of. 

“My mental health relies on connections here at Freedom,” said senior Nina Cabrera. “One way I do that is through PEER, a group all about making connections and strengthening those we already have. I personally believe we need connections and support from one another to thrive in life. We do things together, go through things together, rely on one another, and that is how we can all become successful.”