Paper to Computer: Use of Technology Has Increased Due to COVID-19


Photo by Julia Buktaw

Students have been using technology more than in past years.

Julia Buktaw, Staff Writer

People might have noticed the huge switch from the use of paper in everyday life in the past few years. A few years ago, most people used paper for work, school, testing, documents and more, but with the recent increase in technology, people have been using it less and less. Especially after COVID-19, the use of technology has increased.

“I noticed that there was a dramatic change [in the use of technology] when COVID-19 first started and we started distance learning,” said Hannah Joo, a sophomore at Freedom High School.

Most students would take tests or do their assignments on paper, but now they use computers and digital devices for communication and work. The increase of the use of technology in the past few years has changed the way everyday life has been for many people. 

“We have more access to things online and it was better to get work done more efficiently,” said Elana Leichty, a sophomore at FHS.

Most news is spread through online access instead of paper, which is a good thing in some ways because it saves the use of paper, which helps the environment.

This can have pros and cons to it, some students say they have a better time learning by writing on paper compared to typing in a document.  Doing work on a device is easier to move around, when students lose their homework on paper, it’s harder to get it back. With the work online, they can just pull it up on their computer without worrying about losing it.