Squid Game Views Skyrocket on Netflix!


Photo credit rottentomatoes.com.

The popular Netflix show Squid Game cover. Photo credit to rottentomatoes.com.

Emily Marohn

“Squid Game” was released to Netflix on Sept.17, 2021. As the Netflix show rose in popularity, it eventually became Netflix’s #1 most watched show ever. The crazy streamed show brought attention all over Tik Tok, leading to “Squid Game” being a trend to be watched. The views skyrocketed, and students of all high schools have been talking about it. 

The famous Netflix show is about a group of 456 people living in Korea who are in deep financial debt and will do anything for money. They are tricked into playing these kids games, which leads to a deadly tournament.

No spoilers here! However, students at Freedom High School were talked to about specifics of “Squid Game.” One of the games played in the show was called Dalgona. Dalgona candy tastes like honeycomb, and the players in the game were told to cut out the carved symbols on the candy in various shapes. They had a choice of a circle, a triangle, a star or an umbrella, but before they knew the intention of the challenge. When kids were asked about the Dalgona game at Freedom High School, they used their critical thinking skills to pick a shape.

“I would choose the triangle since it’s the easiest to win with,” said Erica Shin, a senior at FHS.

Shin was paying close attention to the show, focusing on what would benefit her if she was in that scenario.

Some watchers do not speak the language, so Netflix provides the option of watching it in “dubbed.” This option has an English translation with English voice actors. People did complain that dubbed takes out the emotion of the original actor, which is why they watched it in subbed (the original; Korean). 

“[I watched Squid Game in] subbed because I can understand Korean and have the English translation right underneath to compare the two,” Shin said. 

Some Netflix watchers also felt as if the season was cut too short. There were nine episodes, but it led the audience with lots of questions left. 

No matter what the perspective of a student was on this show, Squid Game impacted many and grew Netflix’s viewers. Subscribers watched more than 2.1 billion hours of Squid Game! That’s one way to have a huge effect on Netflix!