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Changes to Freedom High School for 2018-2019

With a new year comes new changes at Freedom High School.

Different lunches on advisory days, eight classes in one day before the end of the quarter, and changes in the hallway organization, are all changes made to Freedom High School for the 2018-19 school year. The modifications were meant to make the school year run more smoothly, but how do students feel about these changes?

The hallway layout has changed from last year. Each hallway now has a dedicated subject, as to make it a little easier for students and teachers to know where to go.

“The hallways on the right side are easy to get to but the fine arts hallways took some more time, but I have it down now,” freshman Ashley Nguyen said.

“I like how the hallways were made distinctive to each class,” sophomore Ellie O’Brian said.

As for the eight class schedule, it was created to help students turn in late work before the end of the quarter without having to rush around during their study hall.

“I believe we shouldn’t have to change our schedule and people should be responsible of turning their own work in on time,” senior Anna Stegmeir said.

“I like this new system because I think it will help me make sure my grades are where I want them at the end of each quarter,” sophomore Madeline Heyburn said.

The advisory lunch schedule was made to help students and teachers have more time to do work and teach lessons.

“The advisory bell is something to get used to, but I really like how we have more time to get work done,” O’Brian said.

“Having more lunch schedules gives me the chance to sit with new people and switch up my lunch group,” Heyburn said.

While the public opinion on these new changes vary, Principal Douglas Fulton feels that these adjustments will improve the student experience at Freedom.

“These changes really were driven by teachers who were thinking about students and what they go through,” Fulton said.


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