COVID-19 Isn’t Going Anywhere.

How Freedom Is Adapting to Recent Covid Surge


Photo by Max Villegas

Lauren Wilson, senior, scans the contact tracing QR code during lunch.

Max Villegas, Staff Writer

When Freedom High School students returned to school after a two-week winter break, the school looked a little empty. During the two-day week back from school, roughly 1,000 teachers were absent across Loudoun County. Within Freedom, absences were common among students.

Will Freedom return to virtual learning?

As of now, no. FHS and LCPS do not have plans to return to virtual learning and want to continue to provide in-person instruction. As students return to school, FHS has made modifications to track students during lunch, and after-school activities. During all lunch shifts, students will fill out a Google Form via a QR code placed on their lunch table, which is meant to help with contact tracing. 

“We’re starting to make some changes to some of our evening programs,” said Kenneth Christopher, FHS director of school counseling. “When we’re not doing the must-do things in school, we’re trying to limit the amount of contact that the students are having with each other, especially coming back from winter break.” 

Freedom and LCPS are prioritizing in-person learning for all students, and are taking measures to make sure that continues. Recently, clubs and honor society induction ceremonies have moved online to limit the amount of contact between students when they are not in the classroom. Although FHS wants students to learn altogether, students’ health and safety are priority. 

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant, FHS is urging that students wear masks properly. For students who don’t comply, the administration is already keeping track of who doesn’t cover their nose and mouth. 

“We have a list of those students,” Christopher said. “They get a warning, another warning… like three strikes and you’re out. There are consequences for those students who are wearing their masking properly. That started back in December.”

Despite the cancellation of activities, ceremonies and increase in restrictions, FHS staff wants to keep students in the building. Administration encourages students to respect their peers and be mindful of their decisions to keep the entire community safe.