FHS Students Taking On The Challenge Of The Annual Dressember


Provided by Caitlin Aldorisio

Senior’s participating and celebrating the annual “Dressember” Photo (left to right) Christine Jang, Lia Krall, Srujana Yalamanchili, Tim Myagmarjargal, Leelie Kebede, Caitlin Aldorisio, Shreya Krishna

Olivia Johnson, Staff Writer

Started in 2009 by CEO and Founder Blythe Hill, Dressember is a movement all around the world to which advocates to put a holt on human trafficking across the world. Dressember also helps to educate people on the severity of these issues.

“Dressember is a global campaign that works to help end human trafficking and it has three main pillars,” said senior Caitlin Aldorisio. “It mainly wants to help prevent human trafficking by intervening in vulnerable communities and foster care. [The movement] works with police in different countries to help cause rescue missions to get people out of human trafficking.”

Not only are students spreading awareness and raising money for the cause, but they are also able to mix and match different kinds of dresses and are able to have fun with it. Some students even challenge themselves to wear the same exact dress for all of the 31 days of December.

The movement, globally so far, has raised over $13 million dollars to fight against human trafficking around the world according to their official website. They also have 25 partners around the world who are working with them as well.

In order to spread awareness and support the campaign, a small group of FHS students have taken on the challenge of wearing a dress every single day for the month of December to school and have started to encourage other students to partake in the movement.

“We decided to start this movement because wearing a dress everyday is something that’s pretty easy to do, though it might not seem that way,” Aldorisio said. “It has the power to make such a huge change.” 

Not only have FHS students started the tradition of conducting Dressember at school, Freedom also has its own place so that students are able to raise money towards the campaign. The money that is donated by students to the school’s campaign, will then be sent into the actual Dressember website. 

“If you want to donate money as a Freedom student, we have a link in our Instagram bio at FHS Dressember,” Aldorisio said. “Also if you want to just donate to the actual campaign itself, just look up Dressember and you will be able to find their website.”