Uncertainties surrounding COVID prompts a few students to graduate early

Imagine the following scenario: A rising senior, seeking an impactful school year and getting into the college of  his/her dreams, is crushed when ACT/SAT test centers are closed and the possibility of going back to school is bleak. This probably is not too hard to imagine because millions of rising seniors are living this scenario. […]

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Letter to the Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020,  Well, we find ourselves at the end of another completely normal school year, where nothing significant, historic or unexpected happened whatsoever. So because of that lack of world events to talk about, I would like to share a few thoughts. Class of 2020, we have grown up during an undeniably unique […]

Senior Map for the Class of 2020

To celebrate the Class of 2020, Uncaged has put a new twist on our annual senior map: this year, the map is interactive and digital! Click READ MORE for the link to see where our eagles are headed in the fall! Class of 2020 Senior Map! Congratulations, seniors!

Flyover for the Frontline Workers

On May 2, 2020, the Thunderbirds of the U.S. Air Force and Blue Angels of the U.S. Navy flew together over the DMV area, starting around Prince George County Hospital in Maryland, crossing into Virginia and circling there, and finishing across the National Mall. The joint flyover by the two was organized to honor the […]

On the Payroll In the Pandemic

Due to the spreading of COVID-19, schools across the nation have been closed and many students have started online schooling. With the flexible hours and more free time that comes along with online school, students have had the opportunity to explore new hobbies and melt into relaxation during the quarantine. However, this isn’t always the […]

The Benefits of Online Learning

Over the past month, Freedom High School students have been completing their classes online due to COVID-19. Speaking from a students perspective, it’s been a weird adjustment. Taking out the human connection and interaction within the education system has made learning increasingly more difficult for many students, especially when none of us were prepared for […]

Documenting History

While we are unsure of the fate of this pandemic thus far, we should consider that 50 years from now, what we are facing today will be learned and studied by students across the globe. The digital age has been a major source of documentation since the start of the 20th century. We are given […]

Celebrating Birthdays in Bed

At the symbolic age of 18, people enter adulthood and leave behind their childhood. For many people, their 18th birthday is one of their most memorable, as it marks independence and a new chapter of life. Although senior Emily Hutto was hoping to spend her 18th birthday in the city with friends as she embarks […]

A Tribute to the Senior Class

As physical classroom school year has come to an end, Freedom seniors are starting to realize what they are missing out on: t-shirt cutouts telling where they are going to college, the official final day of school, and goodbyes to their classmates and teachers. To make up for some of this, an Instagram page (@freedomclassof2020) […]

Let Them Eat a French Almond Cake!

With all this new time on students’ hands, many are taking up new hobbies, so I thought that I could share this recipe that has been spread in my family! The background of this cake is French financiers, which are a smaller and more condensed version of the French almond cake. They are small tea […]

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