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“YSIV” album review


After releasing his heavily promoted studio album “Everybody” in 2017, Logic faced significant criticism: many argued that his lyrics became repetitive and disingenuous. Even Logic’s loyal supporters questioned the direction that he was headed in, with many calling for the “old Logic.” Listening to the criticism, Logic decided to release the fourth installment of his infamous “Young Sinatra” series in order to show his fans that he had not forgotten about his roots. “YSIV,” short for “Young Sinatra IV,” is the much-awaited manifestation of Logic’s original style, featuring “boombap” instrumentals and braggadocios lyrics; however, while an upgrade over his last few records, “YSIV” still lacks the same story-telling and emotion as “Under Pressure” and “The Incredible True Story” that captivated audiences.

The album kicks off with a mellow tribute to all of his fans who have come along with him on his journey to fame; however, the following track “Everybody Dies” is one of the bangers of the album. Featuring an ominous, chopped sample, the song includes Logic’s most effusive and energetic verses on the album.  The track is truly a throwback to some of the cuts off of his old “Young Sinatra” mixtapes.

After another upbeat banger “The Return,” Logic returns to his introspective self over a soothing beat on “The Glorious Five.” He returns to rapping about his “come-up” and the man he has become after his experiences in his crime-ridden hometown. Hearing this version of Logic is refreshing, but there are some unfortunate reminders of his new style after the first three tracks. “One Day” is a preachy, repetitive, and uninteresting track that strays away from Logic’s bread and butter. While “100 Miles and Running” and “Ordinary Day” are unique attempts to diversify YSIV, Logic’s lyrics on these tracks are unusually shallow. Fortunately, tracks like “YSIV, ” “Street Dreams II,” and “Legacy” bring back the raw sentiments that made so many fans fall in love with Logic. “Street Dreams II” is especially a throwback to the “Under Pressure” days with it’s detailed plot and imagery.

While Logic is trending in the right direction, “YSIV” doesn’t reach its true potential due to its lack of consistency. Many of the tracks feel out of place and the lack the teeth of some of the better cuts on the album.

 Rating: 2.5/5

Favorite Tracks: “YSIV” and “The Glorious Five”

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