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“Big Mouth” TV show review


The American adult animated sitcom “Big Mouth” recently released its second season on Netflix. Created by Andrew Goldberg and various other comedians, the show is based on Goldberg’s teenage years and follows a group of pre-teenagers as they navigate their way through puberty.

The episodes are mainly focused on the lives of Nick Birch, the youngest member of the group, and Andrew Glouberman, Birch’s best friend. Both roles are played by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. One of the only female characters in the group is Jessi Glaser, a young girl struggling to adapt to womanhood, played by Jessi Klein. Acting as sex-based mentors and shoulder angels are the three’s hormone monsters: Rick, Maurice and Connie. Throughout the series, the monsters are alongside the kids as they come to question their sexualities, relationships and come face to face with the horrors of puberty.

I appreciate that the show tackles issues that teenagers can relate to, and did not shy away from discussing controversial topics. The series was flinchingly honest, sometimes too honest, when doing so as well. Creators took it upon themselves to visualize the thoughts and experiences of the characters’ puberty-filled lives, much to my dismay. These issues included sexual arousal, periods and other awkward topics.

I understand that growing up and reaching puberty is difficult and anything but pretty. Although the series was helpful in spreading awareness on the importance of sexual education, it was kind of gross. Each episode made sure to vividly describe the inner workings of pubescent boys and girls, and accounted for each of the group members’ experiences when exploring their sexualities. When I say accounted for, I mean including each and every detail. 

The series is littered with jokes, references and animation that leave nothing, and I mean nothing, to the imagination. This graphic imagery is implemented in each and every episode, so viewers can not escape it. Then again, that may be the point. I do think that there are some benefactory elements in the series, but for me at least the cons outweigh the pros. So, I can say that I will not be joining the rest of the world in watching season three.


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