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Memes of 2018

Memes of 2018

Memes have played a big role in social media, and are now engraved into today’s society. They are elements of culture that are commonly referenced and imitated, and can be shared almost immediately. A meme can be a humorous image, video, and piece of text. 2018 was a big year for memes, so feel free to check out the most popular memes for each month:

January: Tide Pods

February: Super Bowl Selfie Kid

March: Sponge Bob out of breath, Savage Patrick, “Gorls”

April: Walmart Yodel Boy 

May:  Yanny or Laurel?

June: IHOB

July: If you don’t love me 

August: Bibble singing 

September: Moths

October: “Let’s get this bread”, “Weird flex. but okay”, Surgery on a grape 

November: Surprised Pikachu, “Don’t say it”, Thank you. next, Microwaving a Turkey

December: Gabbie Hanna’s song Monster

Many people enjoy looking at memes to get a good laugh. “When I find a good meme I enjoy showing all my friends,” sophomore Riley Waldrop said.

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