A Thrilling Aquatic Adventure: Aquaman Movie Review



On Dec. 21, the movie “Aquaman” was released. This film is apart of the DC Universe, and the hero of this film, Aquaman, has already made an appearance in the 2017 film “Justice League.” Actor Jason Momoa suited up to play Aquaman. His performance was incredible, and he is a natural fit for this character. The film also starred Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman.

Since a large portion of the movie takes place in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, there was a heavy reliance on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), not just for some of the less than human characters, but also to create the elaborate and breathtaking city itself. With the extremely impressive CGI city, the movie captured the audience’s attention. Along with the incredible visuals, there were many elaborate fight sequences that kept the viewers’ attention. While the movie did have a slow start, it picked up within the first half hour of the film and did not slow down much until the end. Anyone who enjoys an action packed superhero movie will enjoy this film.

Although it was an incredible stand alone movie, there were parts that were referenced, especially in the beginning, that I was a little confused about. I would assume that those were references to either previous DC superhero movies, or to the comics. Neither of these are areas that I am particularly familiar with, however, they were not really important to the film as a whole. It was still easy to follow and just as enjoyable, since this is an origin story for the character Aquaman.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed “Aquaman” so much, seeing as I have never seen any of the other DC movies. This movie had enough action to keep the audiences engaged, and had an overall well-developed plot.