An Important Slice Of Life: “One Day At A Time” Review

Photo Credit: Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix


Netflix has released many original programs since 2013. Quite recently, Netflix released the third season of their hit “dramedy” “One Day At A Time.”

The sitcom follows the Alvarezes, a Cuban-American family and their eccentric landlord Schneider. The story revolves around Penelope, a war veteran and single mother, who has to raise her daughter and son, Elena and Alex, with the help of her mother Lydia, played by EGOT winning actress Rita Moreno.

Unlike many comedies, “One Day At A Time” does not rely on a laugh track for its punchlines. Though admittedly, the humor can get borderline cheesy at times as most family comedies do.

The show also has exceptional representation. A majority of the main cast and supporting characters are people of color. And Elena is a lesbian who has a non-binary significant other.

Despite being a comedy, it touches on serious topics such as mental health, racism, sexism, addiction and homophobia. Some of the storylines, such as Schneider’s addiction and Elena’s coming out, were based on the real lives of the writers or actors themselves.

Even though the show has gotten a lot of praise, it is in danger of not being renewed. Dedicated fans have rewatched the show numerous times to get the number of streams up and started a Twitter hashtag (#renewODAAT) with the hope that Netflix will announce a fourth season.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially the new season. It is definitely worth a watch.