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“Someone Great” Movie Review


omantic comedy film “Someone Great” was released by Netflix on April 19. The movie follows the life of Jenny, a young music journalist living in New York City, played by Gina Rodriguez. After breaking up with her boyfriend of nine years Nate, played by Lakeith Stanfield, Jenny spirals into an depression. Her two best friends Erin, played by DeWanda Wise, and Blair, played by Brittany Snow try to bring her out of it by encouraging her to move on. The three decide to embark on one last adventure together before Jenny moves for her job, and attempt to purchase tickets for a concert series known as Neon Classic.

While trying to find tickets for the concert, Jenny, Erin and Blair are forced to come to terms with their romantic lives. Jenny and Erin learn how to move on from her past relationship, and Blair learns how to accept hers. However, their realizations were not easy to come by. Each of the girls struggled to feel comfortable with their independence, and with their reliance on others. The characters’ experiences with relationships can be relatable to many younger viewers, as it is common to be unsure about things like this. Another thing that I enjoyed about the film, was the elements of female-friendship and fortitude. There are not that many romantic comedies that highlight the importance of friendships, whether that be in breakups or not. The movie also did a great job in balancing Jenny’s sadness with her happiness, as the film still reminded viewers that she was hurting even when she and her friends were having fun.

However, one thing I did not like about the movie was Jenny’s reliance on Nate. I understand that breakups are hard, but I would have liked to see Jenny gain even a little bit of confidence before the end of the movie. Also, I wished that the directors elaborated more on Blair’s storyline. All we know about the character is that she is a social media manager who wants to breakup with her long-term boyfriend due to lack of chemistry. Anything else?

Overall, I really enjoyed watching “Someone Great.” The movie was easy to follow, and had relatable and funny characters to make it even more fun to watch.


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