A Copy & Paste RomCom: “The Perfect Date” Movie Review

Photo credit: Netflix

Photo credit: Netflix


When the trailer for Netflix’s “The Perfect Date” dropped, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The plot seemed like your standard teenage romantic comedy, but with the slight twist of an app being involved. I went into it ready for the movie to prove me wrong, and it didn’t.

The story centers around a high school senior named Brooks Rattigan, played by Noah Centineo, who dreams of going to Yale but can’t afford it. After escorting a rich girl to a school dance, he decides to start an app called The Stand In with the help of his friend in order to make tuition money. Users of the app can customize his personality and go on dates with him. At the same time, the movie introduces a fake dating plot and a half baked subplot with Brooks’ friend basically trying to ask someone out, and the viewer doesn’t even get to see how the latter plays out.

My main complaint with the movie is that there are too many elements to the plot and most of them are unnecessary. The movie could function perfectly fine without half of the things in the movie, including the app which is one of the main plots of the movie. The movie also tries too hard to be quirky. Each of the characters have too many quirks that are supposed to make them special, but in reality fulfill every teen movie stereotype.

Netflix has put out some great teen movies recently. However, “The Perfect Date”┬áis ultimately disappointing and confusing. While it’s not necessarily bad, the movie is obviously just another cash grab starring Noah Centineo. I would personally only recommend this movie as one to make fun of with friends when you’re bored on a Friday night.