Dangers of Fast Fashion

The true cost of fast fashion.

The true cost of fast fashion.


ROMWE, Forever 21, ASOS and TopShop. All examples of fast fashion brands. While the concept of dirt cheap, trendy clothes sounds appealing to many teenagers who are looking to shop on a budget, one should stay away from fast fashion brands as the inexpensive prices come at a much larger cost.

Fast fashion is extremely harmful to the environment for both it’s production and disposal. With the push to reduce costs and speed up the production process leads to harmful effects on the environment. The negative impacts of fast fashion include the use of cheap and toxic textile dyes, many which are disposed of and emit toxins that pollute the air. Fast fashion industries heavily rely on workers, who are paid poorly and worked tirelessly. Many of these employees do not have rights that protect them in such a demanding work industry.

There are many ways to avoid getting involved with fast fashion industries. Simply buying less clothing helps to ensure that less clothing will be given away and eventually end up in a landfill. Thrifting is another great solution to finding cute clothes at a super low cost.

While teenagers are now earning and spending their own money, be sure that you are choosing what you are buying carefully and consider the impacts beyond the price of a cheap item.