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“Among Us” Connects People in a COVID-19 World

Players can change their color and hat while they wait in a lobby for a game to start. Screenshot taken by Karen Xu from InnerSloth’s mobile app “Among Us”.

“Red’s sus.” “How do I vent like blue did?” 

If you’ve heard a friend or a sibling spout similar words, they’re due to the popular social deduction game “Among Us”. 

The game, available on the computer as well as mobile devices, has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. Originally released in 2018 by InnerSloth, the online multiplayer space-themed game features crewmates and imposters, similar to the game “Mafia” or “Werewolf”. In order for the crewmates to win, they must vote off all of the imposters or complete all the tasks assigned to them on the spaceship, usually in the form of a minigame. In order for the imposters to win, they must eliminate all the crewmates without being voted off themselves. However, a unique feature of Among Us compared to other games is that players can still contribute after they’ve been eliminated. 

“I like how interactive it is in the sense that everybody has something to do even if you become a ghost, you still have tasks to do and you can still listen in to everybody,” senior Tu-Yen Dang said.

Each player controls their character to complete their tasks and must stay silent until a meeting is called. Once a meeting is called, players can use the built in chat function to discuss. Others, including senior Ishan Datey, prefer to use third-party voice calling software like Discord or Zoom to add another layer to the game. 

“I prefer playing with friends over Discord because I just like talking and it’s much more efficient, much more fun hearing people’s reactions,” Datey said. 

“Among Us” sudden rise can be attributed to famous streamers and YouTubers playing it as well as many being home due to quarantine. 

“It’s a fun way to interact with my friends when we can’t hangout in real life,” Dang said.

The game has become so widespread that people are creating different versions of the game besides the original gameplay, playing it in real life versions, and making memes from the game. Regardless of how it is played, “Among Us” is a fun tool that brings people together when they cannot be physically. 

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