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Socially Distanced Halloween?

Photo illustration by Lindsay Brisson

It’s that time of year again. Everything fall, from pumpkins and falling leaves to ghosts and Halloween. Sadly, fall isn’t going to be what Freedom students are used to. No football games, no homecoming and most importantly, no in person school. As the end of October approaches, one question still remains in the air amongst the Freedom student body: what about Halloween?

Traditionally, Halloween is when children go door to door with a pillowcase or bag and receive different kinds of candy from each house. That’s how Halloween has always been for the younger kids. For high schoolers, some of the braver teens throw larger parties, where everyone dresses up, takes pictures and socializes. Since times have changed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 back in late winter early spring, Halloween can simply just not be celebrated the same. Going door to door is too risky and throwing large parties is much riskier. 

Because of this major inconvenience due to the virus, most students are just dressing up with their friends and celebrating in a much smaller group. Junior Julia Majeski is amongst one of these students. 

“My friends and I are all going to dress up and hangout in a smaller group on Halloween to keep the risk of Coronavirus very very low,” Majeski said. 

Even though Halloween is going to have to be scaled back tremendously, there are still safe ways to celebrate the spooky holiday. Whether it’s with a small group of friends or your family, the tradition of celebrating Halloween is not going away anytime soon.

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