The Struggle of the end of the Quarter


Emily Peacher

As the quarter comes to an end, Freedom Eagles scramble to take re-takes, make-up late work and attempt to find extra credit work. It seems as if the end of the quarter is a race against time, bringing upon our cue to bring up weeks worth of grades in the span of a few days. This is due to the state of procrastination that has taken our generation by storm, as the more work that piles on, the longer we take to get simple assignments done. Stress brought upon students due to the procrastination until the end of the quarter can be easily avoided if one uses their time wisely instead of waiting until the last minute. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid procrastinating until the end of the quarter:

  1. Try to turn in work on time.
    • It seems like a simple idea, but in the long run, it helps save the pile of work that can turn into a mountain at the end of the quarter.
  2. Ask for re-takes earlier!
    • Prioritize what work needs to be re-taken in order to get your grade to the highest it can be! If teachers allow re-takes throughout the quarter, take them up on the offer instead of postponing it. Taking these re-takes later in the quarter is only hurting you, as the information loses hold in your brain the longer that you wait.
  3. Communication is key.
    • If you are struggling in a class, talk to your teacher as soon as possible in order to receive help from them or to get set up with a tutor.

Good luck in this new quarter, Eagles!