Snow Days Are Adding Up for FHS Students


Snow days have caused stress for some FHS students. Photo by Claire Wodack.


As the end of the quarter comes upon FHS, one thing many students did not anticipate was having more break after winter break, but snow days surprised everyone and even caused some issues.

Typically when student’s get the call from Wade Byard, social media explodes with excitement, but with these snow days being so dangerously close to the end of the semester, students were more stressed than overjoyed.

“Typically I love snow days, but when they’re right before the last week of the quarter it gets stressful,” junior Lindsey Ahn said.

These snow days prevented many students from getting their work done and even missing out on opportunities such as retakes or other ways to get their grades up.

“I don’t think the snow days would have been a big deal if it weren’t for the timing,” junior Grace Schofield said.