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Powder puff practice makes perfect


As the powder puff flag football game approaches, junior and senior girls have begun practicing as early as 7:30 a.m. in preparation.

Both teams consist of girls with varying levels of background knowledge and skill. While being fast can be handy, being able to throw, catch and kick a football can be considered equally as important. Possessing all of these qualities in the short span can be a difficult challenge, so coaches are assessing each girl’s strengths in order to assign her a position.  Although there were originally going to cuts during the first practice, there were not enough girls from either team to do so. Luckily for the girls, this means they all have an opportunity to play on Friday, Nov. 16.

Senior Annika Bolton is preparing to throw the football to another player.

Coaches comprise of football players from the FHS team and help condition and teach the girls the fundamentals of football. There are several coaches for the two powder puff teams, and each coach helps his corresponding grade level.

“I feel like everyone is getting down the fundamentals of playing [football],” senior Ethan Krinjeck said.

Krinjeck and several of the other senior coaches are prospecting for skilled players, such as Jordan Cook and Giulia Maddiex who are potential quarterback and kicker for the senior team.

Senior Giulia successfully kicks a football over the goal post.

On the other side of the team, junior coach Caleb Crooks sees potential in junior players Grace FitzGerald and Allie Spong. Many juniors on the team are hoping to end their losing streak and finally ramp up some spirit for the junior class.

Junior Chloe Shepherd is giving a pep talk after the team’s first practice.

Although willingly waking up an hour early to go to school is not exactly what most students dream of doing, both coaches and players alike are optimistic about the outcome of the game and are determined to win.

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