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Students Take on the Ultimate Debate: Glasses vs. Contacts

Graphic Created by Surabhi Komanduri Via Canva
Graphic Created by Surabhi Komanduri Via Canva

Various students have utilized either glasses or contacts based on personal convenience and preference.

“Glasses are more convenient for me because you can take them off easier than contacts,” said senior Keyra Ogura. “Also, not being able to sleep in contacts is inconvenient.”

Some students have chosen contact lenses to have convenience and feel more comfortable during athletic events.

“I play sports and it’s just easier for me to wear them daily,” said senior Kendall George. “Glasses also usually give me headaches.”

Students have considered the cons of their chosen means for approving their eyesight, but are also emphasizing the benefits.

“In the morning, contacts do take time, however, throughout the day I don’t have to worry about adjusting my glasses or misplacing them,” George said.

In terms of maintenance, students are also emphasizing the convenience that glasses allow for.

“I normally clean off the lenses once a day. Other than that, glasses don’t require a ton of maintenance,” Ogura said.

Students have a clear insight into what glasses and contacts are like in an effort to help those either deciding to switch or just starting out.

“When you’re starting out, definitely have a backup pair of contacts and use the right contact solution,” George said. “It took me a few days to get used to them, but I think the type of contact solutions also helps the comfort level of your contact experience”.

Glasses can be beneficial with regard to one’s personal lifestyle and preferences.

“I would choose glasses if you typically like to take naps a lot or if you don’t like the idea of touching your eye,” Ogura said.


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