A successful season for varsity volleyball



After a successful season with a record of 20-5-0, the Freedom High School girls varsity volleyball team started their tournament post-season prepared and ready to win.

The team became number one in the Loudoun County district after winning the majority of tournament games, and advanced to regionals on Nov. 1. After beating Stonebridge in the region finals on Nov. 7, they made it to state playoffs. The team later made it all the way to the state semifinals on Nov. 13. Although they lost the last state semifinals game, they accomplished more this year than previous teams before. Before this season, the farthest the Freedom girls team had ever made it was the state quarterfinals. Sophomore Avary Flynn got to dress out for the varsity team and talks highly of her experience with the team.

“It was so amazing to get to experience that kind of success and the unconditional love and support that the team gives each other makes it all possible,” said Flynn.