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Choosing Courses for the 2019 School Year


As the third quarter comes to an end and fourth quarter draws nearer, Freedom High Schools school counselors begin their meetings with students to plan classes for the following year. Going into this time period of course registration, all I have heard from seniors and past FHS students is to take classes that interest me.

Hearing this may sound a little off, as all that is pushed onto us as students are to take what will be appealing to colleges. Coming from a student that spent time choosing classes based on how they will appear on college applications and how it will affect my GPA, I know this feeling all too well. Yet it has been proven time and time again that spending your high school years in classes that you despise in order to get a GPA boost or the opportunity to pay around $85 to take an AP Exam, will just tear you down.

Junior Ava Proehl began to come into an Intro to Journalism class during her freshman year because she had a strong interest in the subject, yet had not signed up for the course. She left her study hall and spent an hour and a half every third block in room 603, learning about the impact journalism has left on the world and how to successfully be a journalist. This class has led her to her rising third year of taking the class and producing the [Uncaged.] newsmagazine. Without coming into a class that had piqued her interest, she may not have gotten the chance to gain what an impact this class has left on her.

Consider this when signing up for courses: begin taking classes that will equally benefit you and your grades, rather than taking six AP courses that will be detrimental to your grade. Do not take courses for the grade boost, rather, take classes that you enjoy and know that you will academically succeed in.

As you go into your fourth quarter, be conscious of what classes you register for and how it will affect you in the long run. Good luck, Eagles!

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