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Jonathan Schiffler,FHS band directors, conducting the performance of the Artist Wind Ensemble.
FHS Hosts Fall Concert
November 17, 2023

A winning tradition

The boys lacrosse team barber, James Ruff.

As teams closed out the regular season, they have prepared for playoffs by getting team haircuts. It’s a common tradition practiced among the sports teams at Freedom. The haircuts serve as something to create a brotherhood within teams. Some are willing to go all in for their cuts by dying, bleaching or practically going bald. A lot of the cuts make for a good laugh or something funny to look back on. Teams usually meet at someone’s house, bring supplies, and then begin cuts.

A couple teams have gone away from doing the traditional cuts and have had success, like the boy’s varsity basketball team and wrestling team. Without the cuts, they found success both making it to the state tournament and going far with their seasons. Some teams have kept the tradition of doing the cuts and have found success as well. This year the boy’s varsity soccer team did the cuts and have made it to the state tournament.

Cuts have helped team chemistry for the soccer team.

“I feel like [the haircuts] have helped build a lot of our team chemistry,” said junior Jason Cruz. “The chemistry that our team has is great and it helps us work better together in games and off the pitch.”

Ty Carter given a throw back mullet.
A game of tic tack toe broke out on Brian Zimmerman’s head.
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