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Documenting History


While we are unsure of the fate of this pandemic thus far, we should consider that 50 years from now, what we are facing today will be learned and studied by students across the globe.

The digital age has been a major source of documentation since the start of the 20th century. We are given countless articles and news right at our hands through our phones and televisions. Not to mention the unending memes we have come to use as a way to cope with our situation.

We have been so accustomed with all of these technological amenities as a way of documentation. But what happened to the concept of personal journaling, or documenting our own experiences?    

During the midst of a crisis, a 14-year-old girl journaled her experience as she was confined in an attic for two years with her family. They were looking to escape the possibility of being sent to a concentration camp. Today, her journal is looked at as an astounding historic documentation as it is filled with some of her revelations about life. She is known as Anne Frank.   

Her diary goes to show how much is going on in our homes during this time, and how important it is in history. With what seems like so much time in our hands, there is no better time than right now to begin journaling our experiences at home as we are facing this pandemic.

So especially, on your worst, most discouraging days where you feel unproductive,  unmotivated and dispirited, write down your thoughts and feelings, and reflect. Rant to your journal as if it has eyes to read your words with understanding. You just might figure something out.

Not only will personal journaling act as a historic documentation, but I believe that it will allow us to become more considerate of others as we begin to sympathize that they too have their own story, filled with unique yet common struggles as humans.

I must also say that sometimes, the fear of having personal thoughts exploited can be a potential halt in allowing yourselves to fully express your mind. But I encourage you to still find a way. The benefits you can reap are most definitely worth the risk. Fill your journal with some of your most treasured thoughts without any conformity. 

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” — Marcus Garvey, 1937

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