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Why Workspace Matters

Organization in the workspace can start with simple changes such as setting up the necessary supplies for the school day as seen in the image above. Photo by Bailey Elliott

While students may not know it, but the space where they choose to sit down and do work is a crucial part of a strong working environment. This is especially important during online learning where students now have to option to sit in bed, on a couch, or wherever they wish rather than in school where they have a designated desk space.

It may be much easier to sit on a couch or a desk surrounded by clutter, but it is extremely inefficient. Similarly, having a messy and  unorganized workspace is just as much of an issue as choosing to lounge in bed. Workspace has an impact on productivity and overall health. 

The best way to start setting up a designated workspace is to pick a specific spot in a home that has the most benefits. For example, if there are other people in the house it would be most helpful to choose a spot that will be apart from them and able to focus on work.

Next, is to remove distractions and other unnecessary clutter around the area. Simply removing any books or accessories that are not needed during the school day will allow for a clearer space and mindset. Additionally, removing a cell phone or at least flipping it over when not needed will help to reduce the temptation of going on it during class time.

Choose a chair that is comfortable but not lounge like. A straight back chair, similar to the ones in school, are best as they mimic being in a real classroom and helps with posture.

Last is to work on time management by adding a calendar, planner or some form of schedule to your workspace to make it easier to know which assignments are due and what dates are up and coming. 

Doing school from home can be a tricky task, but having an organized workspace is a simple way to make things easier and healthier. It can be easy to lose track of time and school while locked up in a house rather than a school, however, it is important to keep health and safety in mind.

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