Tips for Dealing with Loss of Motivation


Photo illustration by Bailey Elliott


With the combination of quarantine, online school, and everyday life stressors, some days can feel harder than others. Finding the motivation to get out of bed when classes are just on a screen in front of you can be challenging and make taking the easy route of staying in bed all day look pretty good. However, there are many different easy and helpful tips and tricks listed below to help dig oneself out of feeling stuck or overwhelmed. 

  1. Creating a To-Do List: This can be handwritten or electronically, either way the feeling of checking something off a list is always rewarding and provides a clear schedule for all daily tasks. 
  2. Set Overall Goals: Setting both minor and major goals helps to keep pushing throughout the year in the hope of achieving the end goal.
  3. Surround Yourself with Positivity: It is challenging to stay positive and complete things that are hard to do when constantly surrounded by negative energy and mindset. Simple things like reading positive quotes and thinking on the bright side can help work towards gaining motivation.
  4. Keeping a Clean Area: Working in an area filled with clutter can lead to a sense of chaos and being overwhelmed as well as contributing to loss of motivation as it feels like there is a never ending list of things to do, including cleaning. 
  5. Staying Active: Whether it’s a simple walk around the neighborhood or a quick workout, staying active and getting outside allows for the body and brain to remain healthy and strong.