Seniors are Excited About Participating in Capstone

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Freedom High School, where seniors are preparing for Capstone. Photo credit to

Emily Marohn, Staff Writer

Senior Capstone at Freedom High School is an optional learning experience that engages students in opportunities for civic engagement and career exploration/readiness. Loudoun County Public School’s goal of Capstone is to provide a chance for authentic experiences that positively impact students, schools, and the community.

As the second semester is in the works, senior FHS students are being introduced to the idea of Capstone. If a senior were to participate in Capstone, they would have about 2.5 months left in their high school career. The time is coming up fast and brainstorming ideas need to happen quickly. Government teachers have begun helping students set up their websites and allowing them to conceptualize what they’d like to do. 

While not everyone will engage in this opportunity, some students are very interested in it. Seniors have shown interest and have been keeping themselves motivated to participate in Capstone.

“I am so excited about Capstone because I get the opportunity to shadow someone who is in my future career that I would like to take,” said senior Ryleigh Leonard. “It does feel like it is coming up quick because it makes me sad knowing my senior year is ending. It feels surreal that I have heard about Capstone for four years leading up to my own senior year and how amazing it is, and I finally get the opportunity to do it as well. I am so excited to do Capstone and see what my future career will be like!” 

Other students have even begun planning which places they’d like to shadow at. With the help of friend’s connections and through her vet science teacher, senior Bella Andrade has multiple opportunities for her career exploration. Andrade shares some of her own advice.

“Now’s a good time to start thinking about it,” Andrade said.

With graduation coming up in roughly three months, seniors will have to begin deliberating whether or not they’d like to take part in Capstone, and then come up with their own ideas. Talking to friends or teachers about it can be helpful! This possibility of a career exploration can be exciting and could help out a lot of the class of 2022.