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FHS Students Share how to Make a Productive and Comfy Workspace

Photo Provided by Katelyn Chadwick Geospatial Information Sciences teacher Katelyn Chadwick’s workspace

It’s hard being out of the classroom. Instead of having a desk and chair allotted to each student and teacher, students have to find a space where they’re out of their family’s hair, a place to concentrate and where they can maintain some kind of uniqueness. This can be a struggle, but here are some tips from the Freedom High School community on how to make the best possible workspace. 

According to many FHS students and teachers, comfort is essential.

“I am comfortable in my workspace. I have a nice chair and keep water with me” senior Will Mosier said.

Mosier also notes that it’s important to have a good amount of light as well as a good supply of fresh air. Mosier works in his bedroom, but goes to his friends’ houses on occasion. 

Isha Gupta, a junior, has a different approach. Her choice of space is her dining room table.

“It’s a mess,” Gupta said, “[I cope by] just [not] look[ing] at it.”

However, she also notes that there is nothing to distract her, making it the perfect place to study. To make working on OneNote easier, Gupta says she’s considering getting another monitor to avoid switching browsers.

The self-taught GIS teacher at FHS, Katelyn Chadwick, also had some advice.

“A comfortable chair is the number one thing,” Chadwick said. “[I also] like a lot of decorations.”

She even had to replace her old office chair because it was making her uncomfortable. In front of her, she needs everything to be work related, otherwise she’ll get distracted. She admits that her ‘classroom’ is messy, but that she’s trying to organize it, although she knows where everything is. 

On that note, here are the workspaces of FHS staff and students!

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