Rising Gas Prices Cause Frustration for Freedom Students and Teachers


Photo provided by Pharmaceutical Technology

Graphic demonstration of the effect of inflation in America.

Amogha Chetla, Staff Writer

Many Freedom students drive themselves to school, but the increased gas prices have made it hard to bring a car to school everyday.

“The gas prices have been very high since, I think, the middle of the school year,” Rashmi Admala said. “It gets pretty expensive to fill up the whole tank.”

Some FHS students have jobs, but most of the time, that job entails a minimum wage pay which cannot possibly support the growing gas prices.

Some speculate the causes of these prices are the war in Ukraine or even just the COVID-19 pandemic. Right next to gas prices sits the very high inflation rate Americans across the country are battling. Inflation applies to everything from groceries to medicines.

The inflation rate currently is 8.6%, a new high since 1981. It was calculated that the market high for inflation would cap at 8.3%, but the actual value surpassed anyone’s expectations. For teachers who have families, the process of going shopping for necessities is much more of a hassle. 

Actually, according to Forbes, there are some necessary food items which are marked up much higher than usual. The inflation rate on meat is at a steep 16% increase in April 2022. 

Until gas and inflation goes down, teachers and students are going to have to deal with this intense drawback in everyday lives.