Get Through It – A Message Through Music


Junior Michelle Frobish releases first single on SoundCloud. She reported using this platform as a means of self expression. Photo provided by Michelle Frobish.

Rebecca Cherian

The rigorous nature of certain classes, the anxiety of cramming for the SATs, the mind-numbing process of college applications; now factor in the new virtual setting and COVID-19 prompted uncertainties. This stress-inducing situation is what the majority of Freedom High School’s upperclassmen experience as the unique 2020-21 school year kicks off. However, to combat this stress students like junior Michelle Frobish enter the world of music.

“Music has so many different meanings and it goes way beyond the vocal and instrumental parts,” Forbish said. “To me, not only listening but making music is a way to communicate and express yourself in a way you just can’t do when speaking or writing. Music is pretty much a therapy and brings you into another world like no other.” 

She recently dropped an original song on SoundCloud titled Get Through It under the name “Girl Mitch”.  

“I was inspired by artists such as Juice World who would just rap/sing about his life without caring about judgement. That’s when I realized that I can also express how I feel, but through music,”  Frobish said. 

It is commonly known that stress, when dealt with incorrectly, could lead to severe negative impacts on teen mental health, bleeding negativity through out every corner of their life. Frobish emphasizes that music can be a very powerful tool in preventing such occurrences.

“I wanted to also deliver a message to others who may also feel like they are stuck or alone, that they aren’t by themselves and that anyone can make music to express their emotions and how they feel,” Frobish said.