In-Person Learning Has Impact on Students and Their Mental Health


Picture Made by Jacqueline Buktaw

In Person Learning Impact on Students. Graphic created by Jackie Buktaw.

Jackie Buktaw, Staff Writer

For the first time in a year and a half at Freedom High School, all students are back in school. Since the new school year has started, a lot has changed. 

Last year, students were completely online with asynchronous Mondays. Now, students are in school five days a week on a regular schedule. This has impacted students in many ways. It also can be hard for high school students to adjust to a new routine.

 “After being in school for the first time in a while, I forgot the feeling of being around friends and teachers,” said Victoria Sim, a sophomore at FHS.

“In very few classes, I enjoy being in-person, but it’s not worth the extra effort and work, I would rather have the option of being online,” Sim said

With changes comes new opportunities to learn and meet new people. There are pros and cons to both online and in person learning.

The impact of the dramatic change depends on the person. Some students decide that it is not important to wear masks. This causes other students like Sim, to feel uncomfortable, which can impact their learning. 

“It makes me uncomfortable when people purposely sneeze with their mask off,” Sim said.

After mentioning sneezing, Sim seemed to get more upset, since she does not like to be sneezed on. 

She continues, “I dislike being sneezed on by people that don’t wear masks. I prefer to stay at home.”

The group of people that don’t wear their masks properly can make a student feel unsafe and dislike attending school.

Schools should continue to encourage students to be safe and for individuals to wear masks properly.